Diciannove Soc. Coop. participated in the call for projects art. 9, clause 1 that expired on July 13, 2011 with a project entitled “I papà delle vacanze” (The Holiday Dads). The project was positively evaluated and obtained the funding.
The project activities were considered innovative as they represented a possible solution to the need for the working dads to share the family and care burden through the introduction of a new figure in the cooperative: the “Holiday Dad”.
This figure is based on a rotation system that allows working members with children to have continuous and uninterrupted periods to devote to both family and working life. During the project, the cooperative introduced the role of mediator and appointed its working members, in accordance with the rotation system developed in the project, to take on this role. Various holiday periods were organised throughout the year in suitable structures where the holiday dads, supported by professional educators who helped them in the activities, developed the necessary skills to continue the initiative even after the end of the project. The project also included supervision activities and the figure of a tutor for the fathers.
On the weekends, not only the holiday dads attended the meetings with the supervisor, but all the parents and members. The project lasted from 2012 to 2014.
The second activity that was co-financed at 50% consisted in offering vouchers for babysitting or baby parking services to allow members to participate in meetings.