autocertificazione sociale

We have always tried to implement socially responsible behaviour, but since we became members of Banca Etica, we have fully and formally adhered to their social self-certification.

Of course, it is not enough just to act properly on a daily basis, although it is crucial, but it is also essential to promote public actions that strengthen our values of solidarity.

Our focus on customers, suppliers and collaborators, as well as the correct and qualified provision of services, has as its objective the respect of our ethical choices and tries to avoid reputational risks deriving from stakeholders who do not behave according to the values of our cooperative.

The social self-certification of Diciannove Soc. Coop.

that the activity carried out by the entity itself does not involve either directly or indirectly:
1. the production, financing and sale of weapons
2. relationships with regimes that do not respect human rights
3. the exploitation of minors and/or weak subjects
4. scientific research activities in which experiments are carried out on weak and unprotected subjects
5. gambling
6. the exclusion and marginalisation of minorities or entire categories of population
7. the production and use of energy sources and technologies that are dangerous for men and the environment (nuclear power, CFCs, pesticides, etc.)
8. forms of production with high environmental impact (emissions of highly polluting substances into water, soil, subsoil and the atmosphere)

that the entity acts in full compliance with the following values:
– democratic participation
– management transparency
– equal opportunities
– respect for the environment
– social quality in processes and products
– respect for workers
– the valorisation of volunteering (when present)
– territorial anchorage