The Cooperative, with the intention of deepening the family-work reconciliation theme, participated as a partner in the period 2009-2011 in the Eurobalance project (2009-1-GB2-LEO05-01365), which was co-financed by the LLP Programme of the European Commission, Leonardo Da Vinci sub-programme – Transfer of Innovation. After this experience, the awareness of work-life balance issues significantly increased among the partners and so did their skills on the matter.
The planning of projects to submit to calls for projects financed by Law no. 53 of 8 March 2000, both for the benefit of third party companies and professionals and for the benefit of the Cooperative itself began in 2007. The effort put in the planning of the project called “I papà delle vacanze” (“The Holiday Dads)”, which ended in May 2014 and involved in various ways all the members and collaborators of the Cooperative, resulted in its funding. The project itself provided an opportunity to deepen also the communication of family-work reconciliation practices in the company, leading to joining the national experiment for the Family Audit certification.

The aim of the Family Audit is to increase the well-being of the company through family-work reconciliation. The potential conflict between professional and private life is a threat to the health and well-being of workers and the Family Audit certification, which entails an in-depth analysis within the organization, allows to identify objectives and initiatives to improve the reconciliation between the employees’ family and work.

The experience gained with the Family Audit certification has helped the Cooperative to adopt organisational tools that are useful for the promotion of a cultural and organisational change aimed at promoting the well-being of its workers and their families.

Our organisation aims to promote stable managerial tools that trigger a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement.