CONDIVISO is a consortium of companies and freelancers providing consultancy services for businesses, thanks to skills that range from web development and design to communication, from cultural and social design to architecture, marketing and legal.

It works to create a stimulating, forward-looking reality, a fertile ecosystem where contamination of disciplines and methodologies promotes design medium and research into innovative, unusual solutions. Its aim is to trigger a revolutionary mentality that adds value to its area, able to guide a business initiative from a viewpoint of social, environmental and cultural sustainability.

The project is followed through in a multi-disciplinary professional space, an ideas incubator where those involved work as teams, find inspiration, resources and tools, cultivate creativity, share projects and develop useful relationships.  A space open to participation by different parties, who can bring their contribution to the structure and draw benefit from working alongside professionals with a wide range of experience, from consultancy and training services offered by the consortium to access to an international network of potential partners.

CONDIVISO is home to entrepreneurs and social innovators with an ethical work vision, who believe in a different society and strive to build it, day after day. A free zone, inhabited by professionals and creatives, that is also open to the general public that aims to provide a venue for osmotic exchange of the city’s positive vibes.


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