Diciannove Soc. Coop.


Diciannove is a cooperative society that deals with information technology and planning for companies.
Diciannove was born as an association of its members guaranteeing the continuity of employment and the best economic conditions compatibly with the need to keep the Cooperative competitive on the market.
Diciannove offers consulting services in networking and management of complex systems, supporting the customer in every aspect of computerisation of the activities and integration between heterogeneous hardware and software environments.
Diciannove is specialised in the creation of healthcare applications, in the planning and management of European and training projects and in personnel management, with a focus on the healthcare and social assistance sectors.
Diciannove offers consultancy, products and solutions that are highly customisable and with interoperability capabilities.
Diciannove has its own hardware infrastructure to provide hosting and e-commerce solutions and deploy applications as SaaS (Software as a Service). It also provides services such as virtual servers and remote backups.
Diciannove uses and provides its customers with a free and open source software.


Diciannove takes care of the entire computerisation process of your agency/cooperative, from multilevel training to the optimisation of every aspect of production, by planning the best way to do it and identifying safe technological tools that can meet the customer’s needs.
Diciannove believes that technology and computer knowledge lead to high quality management at low cost. The Cooperative offers customised web solutions and dynamic applications while keeping your data secure and encrypted in accordance with the current privacy legislation.
Diciannove prefers to use resources such as free and open source software in order to customise in a continuous and complete way the customers’ basic programmes, satisfying their needs in the best possible way, ensuring security, high quality standards and an additional boost for the customers’ entrepreneurial potential.
Diciannove is an expert, solid and reliable cooperative, that includes all the professionals and tools needed to foster its customers’ IT growth prospects, developing highly effective specific products and helping its customers through the whole process.